Who are we?

At Mariner’s Space, we believe that separating knowledge from data is the key aspect for growth. Just like you aspiring, as well as experienced seafarers, we are a couple of seafarers contributing to the seafarer’s community through this website. We are Maharashtra based marine engineers who are currently sailing and have a good 8-10 years experience in the industry.

Our Aim

Today information is just a click away. But is all that information credible? Is it structured the way you want it? Exams can be extremely taxing for a seafarer. The tussle between meeting the demands of the surveyor and the precision of our knowledge base can be nerve racking. Our aim is to categorize and simplify the information, thus, bridging the gap between information and knowledge.

With the evolution of technology, digitization now plays a big role in our life. From standing in lines at DG shipping we have progressed to now filling out online applications. As efficient as it is, it has led to a lot of confusion among the experienced people of how to go about it. Well, don’t worry you are at the right place. Along with all the technical know-hows, you will also be provided with all the DG shipping related procedural information. Since we all belong to the same community, our ultimate aim is to make the lives of our fellow mariners a tad bit easier.

As quoted by John Peers

The information we need is not available. ThAt we want is not what we need. The One WE have is not what we want. 

What do we offer?

  1. Latest News
  2. Interactive posts
  3. Machinery troubleshooting (Coming Soon)
  4. Structured information on machinery basics and working (Updates to topics soon)
  5. Easy to follow posts on various documents application.
  6. Exam related question papers. (Assist Us by submitting Question Papers to Consolidate all in one place)

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