Corrections in Seafarer’s Profile

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Corrections to Seafarers Profile

You have noticed a few typos in your seafarer’s profile online and want to correct the same, but for that, previously you need to approach the DG shipping INDOS cell before. Now when you log in to your DG shipping profile and notice small typos or you need to update your new address to your profile, DG shipping profile has a new corrections link to fix the small issues. I noticed my profile was not properly updated when I was going to apply for my SID. When I was about to apply for my SID and logged in most of my INDOS data was fetched and was left with only a few entries to update. But the data that was imported from my profile had many typos.

I shifted from my old address mentioned to a new one and also my Father’s name was not correctly updated in the system. Hence I decided to update the data myself online by using the correction link mentioned in my profile. During the application, I noticed that there is no proper procedure mentioned what all documents are required to upload. Hence my application was rejected multiple times for some minor technical issues such as INDOS was not attached etc. In this post, I will try to help you out with that so that your application will not be rejected and will be able to save your time.

Steps Involved:

  1. Login to you DG shipping profile
  2. Click on Request for Correction of Personal Details.
  3. Click on Top left of the page to apply for correction
  4. Fill up the required details.
  5. Attach the documents as essential for correction.
  6. For any correction make sure you upload your Indos number certificate.

Click the button below to head over to Correct your Seafarer’s Profile. Caution use Firefox browser in your android phone or use firefox browser or IE 9 or below on your laptop/PC

Procedure for Corrections in Seafarer’s Profile

  • Step 1: Head on to the DGshipping website then hover to E-governance tab and select the first dropdown menu e-governance.
E-Governance login page
  • Step 2: Login to your DG profile with your INDOS No. as user id and your password. Click on the Request for Corrections in Seafarers Profile link in the centre column
Corrections to Seafarers Profile Step 1
  • Step 3: Click on Request for Correction of Personal Details on the top left of your profile page.
Corrections to Seafarers Profile Step 2
  • Step 4: This will show you your INDOS profile details. It will display your Name, Date of Birth, Address and other details in your profile in the Existing Profile Section while the necessary corrections are filled in the right columns. Down below it will show you the previous application status if you have made any applications before. After your INDOS profile details, you fill your remarks if any. I suggest you fill this item with your remarks.
Corrections to Seafarers Profile Step 3
  • Step 5: Fill in the proposed changes and your remarks then the last step is to upload the scanned documents in the attach document section and click on the checkbox stating you agree and submit your application and it should be resolved in next working day.

Ok, all above procedure is self-explanatory but the documents required for proper application are missing.  I applied for my address change and update my father’s name with the necessary document ( passport ) and thought that is enough for the correction but I was wrong. I applied 4 times for the same changes where my application was rejected 3 times straight for missing files for necessary correction.

Corrections to Seafarers Profile Step 5

From this, I can only make that for small typo errors you need to update the following to get your application approved the first time

  • Fill your Name and Date of birth (even if there is no error in the entries)
  • Upload your INDOS number and Passport for getting corrections done.
  • Use either .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf files to upload.
  • For corrections to happen they need to verify your Indos Number which requires either your name or your Date of birth.
  • Address update will need passport copy
  • If you have a major change in the name then as mentioned you will need a gazetted copy is essential.

Hope you will follow these simple steps and get your profile update in the first application and does not have to reapply for the same.

If you have any CDC correction or typos on your physical document then for that you will have to contact your nearest DG shipping or MMD and get them corrected. In case of typos for the printed name you will be issued a sticker which is to be applied in additional pages of your CDC or you can apply for replacement of your CDC in consultation with DGshipping
Use the comments Sections for any doubts

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