How It’s Done — Apply for a Fresh New CDC

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Hello fresher, just out of college and searching your way to the ocean and set sails for your career. The first document you need as an Indian Seafarer to set sail on your ship is a CDC (Continous Discharge Certificate). If you are not aware of what CDC is you can know more about it by reading my other article What is a CDC? Every DG shipping approved college or institute enrols you to an INDOS registry. INDOS stands for Indian National Database of Seafarers. It is a single large database of all registered seafarers. My next article I will explain in detail more about the INDOS number.

Let us assume you have an INDOS number but do not have a CDC and to join your first ship you require a CDC.

How to apply for a Fresh New CDC?

Let me guide you with your first application which will change your life forever. First of all, you need an account in the DG shipping website portal. It is easy to create one as you own an INDOS No. To register your account with DG shipping, open the website hover the cursor over the E-governance tab and click the e-governance link that appears as the first dropdown link. You should be greeted with a similar page shown below in the photo.

Seafarer Registration

Now click on the yellow highlighted text Seafarer’s Registration. It will take you to a new page that may look similar to this

Register 2
Enter the details for Registering

Now enter your INDOS No. and punch in your Date of birth from the calendar button and click continue. This creates your account on the DG shipping website. Soon after you register your INDOS number you will receive your password in the email provided by you.

Assuming you received the password for your login and you are aware of the eligibility criteria for CDC, head back to the DG shipping website and to the e-governance link. Log in to your account with your login id as INDOS No. and your password. After login, the first suggested option is to renew your password.

Seafarer related links

These are the main useful links you as a seafarer will ever require to use to update your profile, apply for examinations, apply for endorsements etc.

CDC application options

Click the CDC Management and COC as cook link to proceed to the application for fresh new CDC. Then to the top left of your profile, there are two options

  • Submit
  • Others

As you are a fresh candidate for CDC select the CDC application from the dropdown menu.

New CDC Requirements

This will reveal further steps for the application process.

Click on continue and fill up all the details that will be marked with (*).

Already Have CDC

I promised you a step by step guide but I am afraid only this much I can show you with the photos. I already own a CDC and hence it gives me this screen saying you ” Already you have a CDC with CDC No. : ______ “.

No worries though if you face any issues while applying for a fresh new CDC you can always comment and let me know. I will guide you with your Fresh application. Keep reading keep coming to this website I try to post something daily. Hope you find my How to guide helpful. If you have any queries or suggestions kindly comment down below.

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