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If you are an Indian seafarer then you are issued a CDC which is a record of your sea service. The validity of a CDC is for a tenure of 10 years from the date of issue. You are reading this article this implies that you are sailing for a long time when all the applications for any certificates happened in an offline manner. The new online application being easy is a daunting task for you as you are not well versed with the procedures. How can one be aware of the procedures which you have to undergo once in a decade?
At first one must decide what are his exact requirement.

Do I want to extend the validity of my CDC?


Do I need to replace my old CDC?

Let me suggest you what is the right option for you. Your old CDC has plenty of pages left and the condition of your CDC is good then renewing your CDC is the best option. Easier said than done. No worries though simply follow the step by step procedures with photos and you can get your CDC renewed in almost no time.


  1. How many days does it take to renew my CDC?
  2. Where to post the CDC renewal sticker?
  3. Fees payment failed but money was deducted, now what?
  4. I have few pages left on my CDC so should I renew it or replace it?

Step by Step Procedure:

  • Step 1

Open DG shipping website go to Egovernance and select the e-governance link it will take you to the login portal.

egovernance login portal
E-governance Login portal
  • Step 2

Now Login using your INDOS No. and your password. Once you are logged in you can see in the centre of the screen the common links that are used by you

Now Select the CDC Management & COC as cook link then you will head to apply for Replacement CDC.

cdc renewal procedure 1
Commonly used links
  • Step 3

After opening the link on the top right side of your page you will see 2 options just below your name stating

  • Submit
  • Others
cdc renewal procedure 2
CDC application
  • Step 4

Now click the Submit option. Here I have shown you each option that will appear and what it stands for. In our case, we will select the Renew CDC (New) option as we simply wish to extend the validity of our CDC.

Once we select Renew CDC the next page will show us our Personal details check, verify, and edit if required. Make sure all the fields marked * are filled. In this photo, you can see my CDC is valid until 2028, the photo is only for presentation purpose.

Once you check and verify all the details click to continue to go to the next page.

cdc renewal procedure 3
Select Shipping office where to apply
  • Step 5

This is the address section again check, verify and edit if required the necessary details. Once verified hit the continue button and head to the next page.

cdc renewal procedure 4
  • Step 6

Here in this tab, you will be notified about the fees required for applying for the CDC renewal

cdc renewal procedure 5
Fee structure
  • Step 7

This page has the instructions on how we have to fill and upload the essential documents and fee charges for the application process. Once you have checked click continue to proceed to the next page
This is the final page of the application. This step will guide us with the required documents for uploading. Make sure the I agree checkbox is clicked at the bottom left and then click generate an application number. This will generate a new application number and you will be redirected towards online fees payment.

cdc renewal procedure 6
  • Step 8

If you are not redirected to the payment of the fees or deciding to pay fees little later then on the top left besides the Submit button there is another menu “Others” click that to check the application status.

cdc renewal procedure 7
Select Others
  • Step 9

This will take you to the application status page where you can see your application status, pay fees and upload the documents. Here in the photo, you can see my application which was for the replacement but it will show a similar application for renewal. Click the Fees pay mode and make the payment if not already paid then the status will show ePayment.

cdc renewal procedure 8
  • Step 10

Afterwards, head on to the document upload section and click on it. The documents to be uploaded must be either in “.PDF” format or “.JPG” format. If it’s not in the mentioned format your application may get rejected.
I have a rough format of how the document upload may look like down below

cdc renewal procedure 9
Documents upload

cdc renewal procedure 10
Generate application

Documents required for Renewal of CDC application

Once you have uploaded the document then only DG shipping will start processing your application. CDC renewal application doesn’t take a long time and the renewal sticker will be dispatched within a week of application expecting all the details are properly verified. In case of any discrepancies, respective Ship masters office will mention the same in the Remarks section of the application status page and also follow up with you over a phone call. You will receive the renewal sticker through speed post, paste it on any of the additional pages to extend your CDC’s validity.


  1. CDC renewal normally takes about 7-10 working days. The sticker will be despatched within those working days and depending on your location and Speed Post delivery in your locality it may take another 2-3 days. Just be sure that sometimes the despatch details are updated late on the application status and you may receive your renewal sticker before also
  2. The CDC renewal Sticker is to be posted on any of the additional pages mentioned. Just make sure as proof of extended validity you will have to take an extra copy of the page where the sticker is pasted along with other pages as required anywhere.
  3. If you face any issues during fees payment then DO Not Repay Again. Fees once paid are not refundable. So make sure you fill all the details correctly. Even if your application was rejected you may not get the refund. At once write an email to dgshipping regarding the issue of the failed payment transaction. Attached your bank statement reflecting the debit in the mail. You will have to wait for upto 3 days so that the financial transaction will be reflected properly. You may receive an email confirming that your payment was received and can upload the documents further or else after 3 days directly you may be able to see in application status that payment was successful. If the payment was not properly done then you can check your bank account as you may have received the refund.
  4. If you have only a few pages left on your CDC then depending on your requirement you can go for replacement of your CDC instead of renewal. The cost of replacement or renewal is the same for now. If you planning to quit sailing and just want to sail once or twice and you have enough pages for that then its better to go for renewal of CDC as that is the most viable option.

DG shipping Contact Details:

Check out the contact page of DG shipping here.
Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India
9th Floor, Beta Building,
i-Think Techno Campus, Kanjurmarg (East), Mumbai – 400 042 ( India )
Tel. No. : 91-22-25752040/41/42/43/45 Fax.No. :91-22-25752029/35; Email :

Have any queries ask them in the comments section below

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