Multi-purpose transport vessel in Antartica

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Wärtsilä, a specialist in maritime technologies, has been selected to design a multi-purpose transport vessel that will operate in Antarctic waters.
Equipped with a number of integrated propulsion and hybrid solutions, the ship will ensure efficient and environmentally sustainable operations.

Once constructed, it will be delivered to Norway-based shipping company Aker BioMarine, which plans to use it for the transportation of supply goods and liquids, as well as krill products from krill harvesting vessels working in the Antarctic area.

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Because the ship is set to operate in these environmentally sensitive waters, Wärtsilä’s eco-friendly solutions were considered to be the most suitable option for this project.

In addition to this, the 168-metres-long, 20,300 dead-weight-tonnage (dwt) vessel will be built to comply with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Polar Code.

Other features of the ship include Wärtsilä engines fitted with NOx Reducers (NOR), which prevent the emission of nitrogen oxides when in diesel mode, and a power distribution system consisting of hybrid drives and a battery pack.

A Wärtsilä Nacos Platinum Joystick system will also be fitted to boost the efficiency and safety of the operations.

Lilli Chi, Managing Director of Ship Design at Wärtsilä Marine, commented: “We are proud to have been selected to design and equip this ship. It will be a customised vessel designed specifically to meet the owner’s operational requirements in a challenging environment.

“It emphasises once again Wärtsilä’s comprehensive strengths and capabilities, as well as our broad offering to the marine market.”

Eldar Vindvik, Director of Fleet Renewal at Aker BioMarine, also made a statement: “Protection of the environment is an absolute essential for us, and the design of this vessel has sustainability as a primary focus.

“It incorporates the latest energy saving and environmentally friendly technologies, such as the hybrid propulsion system, and an advanced heat recovery system that helps to reduce the carbon footprint even further.”

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