What is INDOS

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INDOS stands for the Indian National Database of SeafarersAadhar is kind of a national database of all the citizens similarly, INDOS is for seafarers, minus the biometrics (for now). This database is essential to be easily accessible by various statutory authorities around the world like Immigration, Port Facilities, employers, etc.

INDOS is a seafarers identity, information available in INDOS is as follows

  • Full Name of Seafarer
  • Date of Birth
  • CDC No: (if already possessing CDC)
  • Passport No.:
  • INDOS No.:(Alpha-Numeric-8 character number)
  • Date of Issue:

Advantages of INDOS

As INDOS is a single collective database of all Indian Seafarers and hence it is easy to verify the details of the seafarer. Carrying out background checks and comparing the seafarer’s claims is faster and handy. Seafarer with INDOS No. gets authenticity and helps him bag a job. The main aim of getting the INDOS No. is to eliminate the need to carry his original documents with him all the time during his sailing period. But this is not the case as you are forced to carry all the essential documents while joining the ship. There are many reasons for this, but the initiative is appreciated.

How to Apply for new INDOS?

Normally INDOS number is generated by seafarer during his pre-sea training. The institute from where the seafarer is getting his training is responsible for applying the seafarer’s INDOS number. In case if you are a foreign national who is taking training or undergoing STCW courses from DG shipping approved institutes then you have to apply for INDOS number for your own.

If you wish to apply for INDOS No. kind head on to the following link and proceed as instructed on the website

Indos Application
Indos Application

Read More:

If you wish to know more about the INDOS number you can go through the M. S. Notice of 2001. This notice guides us with the scope, aim and objective, and the fee structure for the same. With INDOS a groundwork for D.G. Shipping’s plan to implement the Seafarer’s Identity Document is already in place. Seafarer’s Identity Document is ILO’s initiative to help identify seafarers.

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