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Ashutosh Ghate

Ashutosh Ghate is a marine engineer, blogger, aspiring writer, and geeky nerd. He is working on an oil tanker for a shipping company. He loves to write about technology and is always ready to help people on their queries. Apart from his day to day work, Ashutosh loves to read books and blogs, hence he started his own blog.

Freshwater generator on ship Exlained !

Freshwater is an essential resource on board ships during extended voyages. It is required for human consumption, cooking, cleaning, and various other purposes. The traditional method of obtaining freshwater on a ship was by storing it in tanks before setting…

Microbial degradation of Oil

Microbiological Attack Microbial problems were prominent during the early eighties. Over a period of time incidents due to microbial problems have reduced but they do still exist. The effects were mainly seen in distillate fuels and lubricants, but these effects…