Step by Step guide to get Place of birth endorsement in CDC

Procedure get your Place of Birth Endorsement in CDC. Application format for Endorsement and many other FAQs answered
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Is Place of Birth not present/wrong on your Indian CDC. Then continue reading this post and get your CDC endorsed with place of birth. Know what all documents you will need and how much time is required to get the endorsement.

Importance of Place of Birth on a document

Proof of Domicile (Nationality)

CDC printed back in the year 2017-2019 may have an issue that there is no place of birth mentioned on it. This may create issues at foreign ports causing fines on the individuals. This issue was brought to the notice of DG shipping during a Port State inspection in a foreign port. (This is what I have heard of…. not sure of the authenticity of the news). Instead of the ship, the individual was fined for having such a document.

Place of birth decides the domicile or Nationality of an Individual hence this entry is important for documents like Passport, Continous Discharge Certificate (CDC), and Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID).

Procedure to get Place of Birth Endorsement in CDC?

This guide will help you to get your place of birth endorsed on your Indian CDC for free, Just follow these simple steps which I followed to get endorsement on my CDC

cdc place of birth endorsement

Total Time Needed :





Total Cost:



Documents Required

– Application for Place Of Birth Endorsement (2 copies)
– Original CDC on which endorsement is required.
– Copy of INDOS Passport and CDC

Procedure to get Place of birth endorsement in CDC

Step 1: Apply to your nearest Ship Masters Office

Visit your nearest Ship Master’s office with the following documents.
Application for Endorsement of Place of Birth on CDC (2 sets)
Original CDC to be endorsed.
Copies of CDC and Passport (1 set).

Step 2: Submit Application in the office.

Submit your application along with your Original CDC and copies of your Passport and CDC.
1 Application is submitted while the 2nd copy of the application is to be retained after getting an acknowledgment stamp from the office.
Try to reach the Shipping Master’s Office prior 12 ‘ o’clock to receive the endorsement by evening.

cdc place of birth endorsed additional page
Step 3: Collect your CDC by the evening

If the application is submitted most probably you will receive your CDC in your hand by the evening 5 ‘o’clock. This time the acknowledged application copy retained by us is required to receive the CDC. Check your additional pages for your Stamp endorsing the Place of Birth as per your Passport details.

Follow the above procedure and you can get Place of Birth endorsement in CDC

Alternate Method to get Place of Birth Endorsement in CDC

Another way to get your Place of Birth endorsement in CDC is by applying for a CDC replacement directly. This process will cost you around 700₹ and a new CDC copy will be issued in which place of birth will be mentioned already.

If your pages left in CDC are very less then you can opt for a replacement of CDC rather it will be a most viable option for that. In case you are interested to know about CDC replacement procedure you can read about it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Place of Birth Endorsement in CDC Application format

For your reference, I am attaching down below an application format that I submitted. Make necessary changes for yourself.

Still have any doubts about getting endorsement do let me know in the comments section.

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