The Complete Step By Step guide for Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure

What is Seafarers Identity Document/SID step by step guide for SID application procedure. Know what documents are required for SID. Location of SID Collection Centers and more...
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What is Seafarers Identity Document (SID)?

The concept of an Identification system for the seafarers was mooted in 1950 s. Accordingly, the International Labor Organization brought forward the ILO Convention C-108 on seafarers identity documents. India has ratified this convention and issuing a Continuous Discharge Certificate cum Seafarers Identity Document to its seafarers in the shape of a booklet. The entire marine community had felt the need to get a Uniform and reliable identification system for the seafarers resulting in the discussions. The ILO has adopted another Convention C.185 on Biometric Seafarers Identity Document to be given to all seamen.

The new SID has the provisions for the barcoding of the biometrics-based identity of seafarers along with a centralized database maintained in the issuing nation, which can be accessed worldwide through an interoperable & conventional template. India has ratified the Convention and the issuance of Biometric Seafarers Identity Document for its seafarers will be initiated in 2018.

Seafarer’s Identity Document Application Procedure in short

  1. Before proceeding you must read the general instructions and collect the required documents, for completion of the process.
  2. To avoid any issues regarding make sure all the entries in your seafarer’s profile are correct and entries such as permanent address and all are visible. If not check out correction to seafarer’s profile here. Make sure your Permanent address and other entries are visible
  3. Login to the SID portal with your INDOS number and the password.
  4. Click on the link “Apply for SID”
  5. Check the personal details in the form and click to continue. Note here all your data is mostly fetched from your seafarer’s profile and hence you cannot make any changes here. So if you find any data improper make sure and get it corrected. Check the correction to seafarer’s profile if needed.
  6. Mostly the entries which will need to be filled up is your email id and your contact number.
  7. Fill the address details and other details and click continue.
  8. Make payment through e-payment portal .
  9. Submit the application.
  10. Click on “Schedule Appointment” on the screen to schedule an appointment.
  11. Select the collection centre along with the date and time from the slots available.
  12. Your application would be transmitted online to the verification officer, who will check the application.
  13. Within 10 days of submission of application, you will receive a notification on the verification result of the application through an e-mail.
  14. You are informed that the fee once paid is non-refundable. Your appointment would be treated as confirmed, only on payment of the fee.
  15. If you wish to reschedule your confirmed appointment (after payment of fee), same can be done do so for maximum two more occasions (excluding the first appointment). If you reschedule your appointment for more than two occasions, then you will have to pay the fee again. In other words, fee once paid is valid only for three appointments.
  16. Please report to the collection centre at the appointed date and time. Please bring the printout of the Print report/Acknowledgment report, original passport, original CDC and the copy receipt of payment for verification. Data capturing personal, after examining your documents would return the same and capture your biometric data i.e photograph.
  17. Once your application is approved you will be issued your SID and same will be despatched to your mentioned address.

Complete Step By Step Seafarers Identity Document (SID) Application Procedure

In order to proceed with the Seafarers Identity Document application you can follow this complete step by step guide.

SID Application Procedure Featured Image

Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:



Required Tools:

A Computer with Internet Access.
Note:- If you using any newer windows machine then chances are you cannot access the DG profile on your machine. To install Mozilla Firefox for your desktop/laptop. If you planning to apply from mobile install Mozilla Firefox for Android. Firefox for iOS doesn’t work for DG profile updating.

Important Information & Documents Required for Seafarers Identity Document/SID?

Note:- Please Note Before your proceed to apply for Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID) your INDOS profile must be correct. All the data from your profile is accessed over here and any mismatch in your data like typos in name place of birth etc may result in rejection of your application.
Check correct your INDOS profile prior application.

You can also go through how make correction in INDOS profile over here.

The following Documents are required original during the appointment.
1) Passport
2) CDC

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure:

Step 1

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 01

Now let us apply for SID, head on the website for registering Seafarers Identity Document click here.
Use your Indos No to sign-in and use the same password as that of your DG profile

Step 2

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 02

Once you login you will be shown steps to follow for applying for your SID (total of 18 steps)

Step 3

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 02-1

Step 1: Click on apply

Step 4

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 03

All your data will be fetched as per your DG profile if you need any corrections to be done click the highlighted area as shown to proceed further or to know how to make corrections to your profile click here. If all your data is correct click continue to proceed further

Step 5

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 04

Check all your personal details fetched and update whichever is required like the email address then click continue to proceed.

Step 6

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 05

Fill in your address details where your SID will be dispatched. Click continue to proceed.

Step 7

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 06

Select all the proper options that apply to you then click continue to proceed. Check the image above if you are applying for Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID) for the first time.

Step 8

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 07

Go through the declaration and click the checkbox to agree. Then click continue to proceed.

Step 9

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 08

Finally confirm all your filled in details are correct and then click submit to proceed to payment.

Step 10

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 09

A new popup will appear asking your confirmation.
A popup report is generated if popups are blocked on your browser just allow the popup for once on this website.

Step 11

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 10

The complete report of your application will look something like this after accepting the popup.

Step 12

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 11

After checking your application report its time to pay the fees but now if you click on apply again or application status you will get a screen saying “You have already submitted your application for SID and you can check the status in the application status tab.

Step 13

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 12

Next is to proceed to make payment. Click the Make payment option and pay online using Credit/Debit or Net banking. After successful payment you should return to a screen like this

Step 14

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 13

Once payment is done next is to schedule your appointment. Click on Schedule appointment and then you will have to select the centre where you wish to apply.

Step 15

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 14

After selecting the Center you will be presented with the available dates for an appointment. Select your preferred date and scroll down and then click the submit button

Step 16

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 15

Once the appointment is scheduled then head on to the print acknowledgement link for verifying the status. Also, you can check the application status by clicking on it. Carry this print out as it has your payment reference number.

Step 17

Seafarers Identity Document SID Application Procedure 16

Click the Application status which will state your appointment date, time and center you have to visit.

This completes your application for SID. Please head on to the address mentioned in your application status on the scheduled date with your Passport and CDC and your photos. If you are unable to make it for your appointment on the scheduled date then as per the instructions mentioned you can cancel and reschedule your appointment for another 2 times. If you still wish to further reschedule your appointment after 2 times then you will have to pay the fees again.

If you wish to read the overall instructions for the application of SID then check them by clicking here. You can check the required documents by clicking here. If for any reasons your application is rejected you have right to know and appeal for the same. Read about your right to appeal. Once your SID card is issued you can verify its status from SID checker.

As of now applying for the Seafarers Identity Document is not compulsory but it will be beneficial if you apply well in advance before it becomes mandatory. If you are visiting Brazilian ports or joining from Brazil then have heard about people facing issues due to lack of Seafarers Identity Document SID.

Seafarers Identity Document/SID Collection Centers

SID center’s list with Address

LocationCenter’s Address
MumbaiGovt Shipping office, Nov Bhavan, 10, RK Marg ballard estate, Mumbai – 400001
ChennaiGovernment Shipping office/Seaman’s Employment office, Anchorgate Building 3rd Floor, Rajaji Salai, Chennai – 600001
KolkataGovernment Shipping Office Marine House, Hastings, Kolkata – 700022.
NoidaMercantile Marine Department, IWAI Bhawan, 3rd Floor, A-13, Sector-01, Noida – 201301
GoaMercantile Marine Department, Headland Sada, Goa – 403804
KochiMercantile Marine Department, Willingdon Island, North End PO, Kochi – 682009
KandlaMercantile Marine Department, Plot No. 16, Sector-8,Government Office Area, Behind KPT Admin Building, Near Maitri Bhavan,Gandhidham – 370201
New MangaloreMercantile Marine Department, Type V Qtrs., First Floor, MMD Resi Qtr. Bldg, 23rd Street, Panambur, New Mangalore – 575010
VizagMercantile Marine Department, # 7-8-26/A, Harbour Park Down, Visakhapatnam – 530003

There have been some changes in SID application procedure for people joining in UK and Brazil Check out how to book appointment date as per the details in this document.

DG Shipping Biometric Seafarer’s Identity Document website has issued a new circular about contacting them with concerned queries according to center wise here is a short table for contact emails of the same. They have also mentioned how to contact them in email with proper screenshot and other procedure that is to be followed.

Region wise CentersEmail Ids
Queries pertaining to locations; GSO, Mumbai, MMD, Goa, MMD,
Noida & MMD, Kandla
Queries pertaining to GSO,
Queries pertaining to locations; GSO, Chennai, MMD, Kochi, MMD,
Vizag & MMD, New Mangalore
Contact Email Id region wise.

Go through the following document prior contacting the above mentioned emails.

If you face any issues or see any problems in the post kindly comment down below in the comments section. I will try to solve them.

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