Complete Step By Step Indian CDC Renewal procedure

Follow the steps by step Indian CDC renewal procedure required to extend the validity of your Indian CDC. Paste the CDC renewal sticker on any empty Additional Page back of your CDC
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Here in this article I will guide you through online cdc renewal procedure.

If you are an Indian seafarer then you are issued a CDC which is a record of your sea service. The validity of a CDC is for a tenure of 10 years from the date of issue. You are reading this article this implies that you are sailing for a long time when all the applications for any certificates happened in an offline manner. The new online application being easy is a daunting task for you as you are not well versed with the procedures. How can one be aware of the procedures which you have to undergo once in a decade?

At first one must decide what are his exact requirement.

Do I want to extend the validity of my CDC?


Do I need to replace my old CDC?

Let me suggest you what is the right option for you. Your old CDC has plenty of pages left and the condition of your CDC is good then renewing your CDC is the best option. Easier said than done. No worries though simply follow the step by step procedures with photos and you can get your CDC renewed in almost no time.

Complete Step By Step Indian CDC Renewal Procedure

In order to proceed with the Indian CDC renewal application you can encounter following things.

CDC Renewal Procedure

Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:

700 + Bank Charges


Required Tools:

A Computer with Internet Access.
Note:- If you using any newer windows machine then chances are you cannot access the DG profile on your machine. To install Mozilla Firefox for your desktop/laptop. If you planning to apply from mobile install Mozilla Firefox for Android. Firefox for iOS doesn’t work for DG profile updating.

Documents required to be uploaded?

1 Scan copy of the signed online application
2 Passport size (3.5 cm X 3.5 cm) photograph with clear white background face-covering 70%
3 Scanned signature of seafarer
4 Self-attested scanned copy of CDC(first and last two pages)
5 Proof of STCW Familiarisation Courses (all Certificates in a single pdf file)
6 Self-attested scan copy of proof of Indian citizenship document (Passport or any other document)

Indian CDC Renewal Procedure Step by Step:

Step 1: Go to DG shipping > E-governance

DG Shipping E-Governance

Head over to DG shipping website then to E-governance and then log in to your DG profile using your INDOS number and password.

Step 2: Login to your Indos No.

E-Governance Login page

Login to your profile using your login credentials. INDOS number as your User id and your password.

Step 3: Click on CDC Management and COC

CDC Management Link

In the Centre column all the links you will notice a link CDC Management & COC as cook click on it to go to the application page.

Step 4: Select CDC Renewal Option

CDC Application Links

To the top left, you will notice 2 Options.
1) Submit
2) Others
Click on Submit to view various options related to CDC Application.
Select Option no 2 as shown in the above image to apply for Indian CDC Renewal.

Step 5: Fill up Personal Details

CDC Renewal Procedure 01

After clicking the CDC Renewal option you new form will appear where you will have to first select the MMD office you want to apply to as marked with step 1 in the image.
Then Check, Verify and Update details as required in the below columns.
After verifying the data click continue to proceed to next step
All the fields marked with * are required and cannot be blank.

Step 6: Fill up Address Details

CDC Renewal Procedure 02

This is the address tab. Fill your address details correctly where you wish to get the CDC Renewal Sticker dispatched.
Click continue to go to next tab.

Step 7: Instructions and Fees required

CDC Renewal Procedure 03

This is the fees tab. Here you will come to know the amount of fees to be paid for the applicatin. Click continue to go to next tab.

Step 8: Documents Required Info

CDC Renewal Procedure 04

This is the final page of the application. This step will guide us with the required documents for uploading.
Make sure the I agree checkbox is clicked at the bottom left and then click generate an application number.
This will generate a new application number and you will be redirected towards online fees payment.

Step 9: Check Application Status

CDC Renewal Application Status Page

If you are not redirected to the payment of the fees or deciding to pay fees little later then on the top left besides the Submit button there is another menu “Others” click that to check the application status.
Here in the photo, you can see my application which was for the replacement but it will show a similar application for renewal. Click the Fees pay mode and make the payment if not already paid then the status will show ePayment.

Step 10: Upload Required Documents

Documents Upload Page

Once you have paid the fees successfully in the Application status page you will get option to upload your documents. Click the link and Upload the documents which are mentioned in Step 8 or before the start of the procedure.
The image for Document upload is just for reference.

Step 11: Check Application status for Remarks

CDC Renewal Application Status Page

Once Documents are uploaded then your application is fully submitted and DG shipping will start processing the same. You can keep an eye on the Application status page check for updates and check for any queries.

CDC Renewal Sticker

Know where to stick the sticker

CDC Renewal Sticker

After your CDC Renewal is approved you will receive a sticker which is to be pasted on the blank Additional Page of your CDC. The Sticker will resemble the image down below.

So now you have applied for your CDC Renewal then let’s answer a few of your Frequently asked questions down below

Frequently Asked Questions

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