National Maritime Day

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National Maritime Day

In India, the National Maritime Day is celebrated every year on Apr 5. Hundred years ago, on this day in 1919, navigation history was made when SS Loyalty, the first ship of The Scindia Steam Navigation Company Ltd travelled to the United Kingdom. It had been a crucial measure for the shipping history of India when sea routes were controlled by the British. India Ready to Work with the Maldives on Strengthening Maritime Security: President. The day was first celebrated on Apr 5, 1964. This day is celebrated to spread consciousness in encouraging intercontinental trade and the international economy. The subject of the 56th edition of the National Maritime Day is the Indian Ocean, an ocean of chance.

This season, National Maritime Day 2019 awards are also for outstanding contributions to the Indian maritime sector. The National Maritime Day Celebrations Committee last year instituted the highest award to recognized and honour people for their sustained and outstanding contribution. The Award is named Varuna Prize and consists of a statue of Lord Varuna. The awards ceremony will be held in Mumbai. Any person fulfilling the standards of sustained and will be eligible for consideration for the prize. Chief of Navy inaugurates the second edition of the Goa Maritime Symposium. Meanwhile, Last year, the subject of the National Maritime afternoon was Indian Shipping- An Ocean of opportunity. , In 2018, a fisherman from adjoining Palghar district, who rescued 12 individuals from a boat that was sinking, has been chosen for the prestigious award in recognition of his search and rescue attempts. A resident of Satapati village, Milan Shankar Tare, obtained the National Maritime Search and Rescue Award, instituted by the National Maritime Search and Rescue Board.

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