Step by Step Procedure to apply for a new Indian CDC?

Apply for Indian CDC with this complete guide. Documents required for new CDC application.
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Hello fresher, just out of college and searching your way to the ocean and set sails for your career. Let’s learn how to apply for a new Indian CDC.

The first document you need as an Indian Seafarer to set sail on your ship is a CDC (Continous Discharge Certificate). If you are not aware of what CDC is you can know more about it by reading my other article What is a CDC? Every DG shipping approved college or institute enrols you to an INDOS registry. INDOS stands for Indian National Database of Seafarers, you can read more about INDOS here. It is a single large database of all registered seafarers. My next article I will explain in detail more about the INDOS number.

Let us assume you have an INDOS number but do not have a CDC and to join your first ship you require a CDC.

How to apply for a New Indian CDC?

Complete step by step guide to apply for a new Indian CDC

The following steps will guide you to complete your CDC application with ease.

New CDC Application Procedure

Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:

700 + Bank Charges


Required Tools:

A Computer with Internet Access.
Note:- If you using any newer windows machine then chances are you cannot access the DG profile on your machine. To install Mozilla Firefox for your desktop/laptop. If you planning to apply from mobile install Mozilla Firefox for Android. Firefox for iOS doesn’t work for DG profile updating.

Eligibility & Documents Required for new CDC application.

1) An applicant shall be a citizen of India
2) An applicant shall be medically fit and possess a valid certificate in the form prescribed under Annexure IV and V of the Merchant Shipping (Medical Examination) Rules, 2016, to the effect that he is medically fit to be employed on board ships
3) An applicant for issue ofContinuous Discharge Certificate must have completed the following basic familiarisation courses in an approved training institute and hold a certificate to that effect, namely
1 – BasicSTCW Safety Training Coursæ
2 – Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (STSDSD) or Ship Security Officer (SSO)
1 – Elementary First Aid (EFA) or Medical First Aid (MFA) or Medical Care (MC)
2 – Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
3 – Personal Survival Techniques (PST) or Refresher Training for Proficiency in PST or Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boards (PSCRB)
4 – Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF) or Refresher Training for Proficiency in FPFF or Advance Fire Fighting (AFF)
5 – Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (STSDSD) or Ship Security Officer (SSO)
An applicant shall not be less than 18 years of age,
An applicant must have passed 10th Standard from a recognized board university

New Indian CDC application procedure:

Step 1: Go to DG Shipping > Egovernance

DG Shipping E-Governance

Keep your INDOS number handy and on your web browser open DG Shipping website then hover on to E Governance Tab and then click the e-governance link as in the above image.

Step 2: Login with your INDOS No.

E-Governance Login page

Use your INDOS number as User id and login to your account.

Step 3: Click on CDC Management Link

CDC Replacement Procedure 01

Once Logged in click on the CDC Management & CoC as Cook.

Step 4: Select New Indian CDC

new indian CDC Procedure 01

To the top left, you will notice 2 Options.
1) Submit
2) Others
Click on Submit to view various options related to CDC Application.
Select Option no 1 as shown in the above image to apply for new Indian CDC.

Step 5: Check Eligibility Criteria and Instructions on How to proceed

new Indian CDC Procedure 02

Now you get a page describing the eligibility criteria and how to proceed with the application. As mentioned above Documents are handy which you will need to upload after you complete filling up the application and pay the fees.

Step 6

new Indian CDC Procedure 03

Over here you will get the Application form where you have to fill up all the details correctly.
Since I already have a CDC

I promised you a step by step guide but I am afraid only this much I can show you with the photos. I already own a CDC and hence it gives me this screen saying you ” Already you have a CDC with CDC No. : ______ “.

Well I will upload an old offline form which is still available on DG shipping website you can view the contents of the form and the same options will be available in the application.

Get the word format from the DG Shipping website link here.

Hope this guide help you to apply for a new Indian CDC.

Have any comments drop them down here, If you wish to apply for a new CDC and qualify the eligibility criteria and you want assistance from me drop me an email at

Disclaimer: I will use your application to make a complete guide for applying new CDC on the website. I will make sure that no personal information will be disclosed in the process above in a similar way where I have hidden my name and CDC number in the above images.

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